royal rumble 2004

chris benoit won!!!! it's the first time he's one the royal rumble and now he has the chance to win his first wwe championship belt at wrestlemania!!!


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the art of blogging

is one i have apparently not mastered. seriously, how damn difficult is it to write something everyday? it's not. i know. you don't need to humour me.


you walk into the room
i sense it
i feel your eyes burning into me
i find a reason to turn around
to look at you
you turn away
what is it about you
that i crave
i want to touch you
taste you
feel you
it all comes down to phermones
and now it just doesn't seem so hot

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the word *routine* produces anxiety attacks in me sometimes. if anything becomes *routine,* then what's the point in doing it? i need to be challenged. it's not just a preference - it's a necessity to my mental well-being.

that's twice today i've mentioned my mental well-being. maybe i need to see a therapist.

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i've begun meditating every morning. i haven't really noticed a difference in my mental/emotional well-being yet, but i feel peaceful during and directly after, so that's something. meditation coupled with yoga should begin to produce results soon.

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going home early... again.

tuesday night i worked for three hours at home. so i get three hours of comp time today. that means i get to leave at one! happy happy.

so... i have this coworker who is working here because her family knows one of the owners. she rolls into work late every day and never makes up the time. and when she's here she doesn't do anything except talk on instant messenger and surf the internet. what a hypocrite! i hear you say, but that is not the case. you see, i actually get all of my work done and more. i know that i shouldn't let this girl's poor work ethic get to me, but i can't seem to help it. if she didn't know one of the owners she'd have been fired by now. psuedo-nepotism. nepotism is alive and well, and currently living in my office.


time to shake it off and get to work.

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i really need to get to work.

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going home early (with pay!) makes me happy

especially today. and going home at one in the afternoon is super. though, now that i know i'm going home at one, i'm slacking completely. that is bad. but i'm going home at one, so who cares?

now i can work on my dad's sweater and maybe, just maybe, it will actually be done for yule.

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i've run over seventy-five miles since august. pretty good considering i've only been running since august. i'm impressed. i ran yesterday morning before work, but i could only make it one and a quarter miles because i felt so awful. of course, being who i am, when i got home from work yesterday (early, even, because i was so sick!) i had to finish the rest of my three miles. and i did it. i rested every half mile, but i still completed three miles. then i walked for an hour. the walking felt okay. the running hurt. i'm hoping that it will be easier to run tomorrow morning, but i'm not counting on it. i'm going to try to run at least a mile before my lungs burst into flames. that means i'll only be resting three times and resting's okay, anyway. in a couple weeks i'm going to begin increasing my mileage. i feel so cool.

oh yeah. so cool.

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tired of waiting for you...

i'm not really. it's just a song title, okay? get over yourself.

yeah, so. i'm sick. went to the doctor on monday. didn't come into work. came into work yesterday half an hour late, and only stayed for two and a half hours. sick, sick, sick. did i mention that i'm sick, by the way? bleh. i'm at work today, though, and completely set on staying for the whole damn day. after all, i get tomorrow off, yeah? and then i'll work friday and have the entire weekend to be whiny and sicky-poo and make my spouse miserable. behold the power of me. riiiight.

if anyone reads this: don't eat turkey tomorrow, okay? what did they ever do to you? go veg for sobbing out loud!

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just rambling


links coming soon

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