going home early (with pay!) makes me happy

especially today. and going home at one in the afternoon is super. though, now that i know i'm going home at one, i'm slacking completely. that is bad. but i'm going home at one, so who cares?

now i can work on my dad's sweater and maybe, just maybe, it will actually be done for yule.

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i've run over seventy-five miles since august. pretty good considering i've only been running since august. i'm impressed. i ran yesterday morning before work, but i could only make it one and a quarter miles because i felt so awful. of course, being who i am, when i got home from work yesterday (early, even, because i was so sick!) i had to finish the rest of my three miles. and i did it. i rested every half mile, but i still completed three miles. then i walked for an hour. the walking felt okay. the running hurt. i'm hoping that it will be easier to run tomorrow morning, but i'm not counting on it. i'm going to try to run at least a mile before my lungs burst into flames. that means i'll only be resting three times and resting's okay, anyway. in a couple weeks i'm going to begin increasing my mileage. i feel so cool.

oh yeah. so cool.

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tired of waiting for you...

i'm not really. it's just a song title, okay? get over yourself.

yeah, so. i'm sick. went to the doctor on monday. didn't come into work. came into work yesterday half an hour late, and only stayed for two and a half hours. sick, sick, sick. did i mention that i'm sick, by the way? bleh. i'm at work today, though, and completely set on staying for the whole damn day. after all, i get tomorrow off, yeah? and then i'll work friday and have the entire weekend to be whiny and sicky-poo and make my spouse miserable. behold the power of me. riiiight.

if anyone reads this: don't eat turkey tomorrow, okay? what did they ever do to you? go veg for sobbing out loud!

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life anew

it's amazing what actual soul-searching brings about. i'm tired of most things webby and techie, but i really wanted a blog still. so, here it is. i'm not making any promises.

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just rambling


links coming soon

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