the word *routine* produces anxiety attacks in me sometimes. if anything becomes *routine,* then what's the point in doing it? i need to be challenged. it's not just a preference - it's a necessity to my mental well-being.

that's twice today i've mentioned my mental well-being. maybe i need to see a therapist.

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i've begun meditating every morning. i haven't really noticed a difference in my mental/emotional well-being yet, but i feel peaceful during and directly after, so that's something. meditation coupled with yoga should begin to produce results soon.

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going home early... again.

tuesday night i worked for three hours at home. so i get three hours of comp time today. that means i get to leave at one! happy happy.

so... i have this coworker who is working here because her family knows one of the owners. she rolls into work late every day and never makes up the time. and when she's here she doesn't do anything except talk on instant messenger and surf the internet. what a hypocrite! i hear you say, but that is not the case. you see, i actually get all of my work done and more. i know that i shouldn't let this girl's poor work ethic get to me, but i can't seem to help it. if she didn't know one of the owners she'd have been fired by now. psuedo-nepotism. nepotism is alive and well, and currently living in my office.


time to shake it off and get to work.

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i really need to get to work.

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just rambling


links coming soon

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